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It is the policy of the enterprise to achieve the intended compliance with the Quality Management System (QMS) requirements by each employee in order to produce high quality, competitive products and to satisfy customer needs. To do so, FSUE UEMP endeavors to:

  • manufacture products that meet the requirements and expectations of consumers, taking into account the requirements of interested parties to ensure the stable economic situation of the electro-technical manufacturing;
  • expand the market for manufactured products by maintaining the reputation of a reliable supplier and increasing customer satisfaction;
  • continuously improve the QMS effectiveness based on the process approach;
  • analyze the quality risks that occur at all stages of product lifecycle and execute of the relevant risk mitigation actions;
  • keep the production infrastructure in good order, introduce advanced technologies and innovations to ensure safe labour conditions, and reduce unreasonable costs;
  • enhance long-term cooperation with suppliers and partners to mutual benefit;
  • maintain a positive social psychological climate in the team, which enables to identify the problems early, resolve them promptly and prevent them in the future;
  • continuously improve the workplace culture and production practices to ensure comfortable working conditions;
  • involve the employees in improving the quality of products through the integrated production optimization system;
  • maintain a high level of employee competence and guarantee the adequate level of compensation and social protection;
  • involve the employees in improving the QMS;
  • maintain a high level of metrological support and measurement assurance;
  • prioritize the quality assurance of products supplied to nuclear facilities.

The management of FSUE UEMP assumes responsibility for implementing, periodically reviewing, and updating of the Quality Policy Statement; for communicating and explaining it to the employees of the electro-technical manufacturing; and for making aH employees aware of the quality assurance objectives of the electro-technical manufacturing. 

The management of FSUE UEMP undertakes to apply the quality management principles set forth in GOST R ISO 9000-2015; be guided by the requirements of legislative acts, GOST R ISO 9001-2015, ISO 9001:2015 and the internal requirements of the Rosatom State Corporation and the enterprise; and ensure the conditions for sustainable improvement of the QMS effectiveness and certification of the electro-technical manufacturing.

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